Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There's Something About

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So . . .

There's something about Fathers and Daughters that makes this world such a special place.

Don't get me wrong, the bond between Mothers and their Boys is equally amazing.  It is deep and endless and uncontrollable . . .

And I devour every delightful little instances of pure glee with my two boys like they are my last seconds on earth, BUT . . .

As I watch MM with our girls . .. when I hear "Daddy" uttered from their lips and watch his face light up. . . .my heart nearly explodes, and I'm tempted to pinch myself back to reality after I've picked my blown-away mind off the floor. 

Dads and their girls.

I get Moms and their boys.  I get Moms and their girls. . .

I was always a Daddy's girl.  I am to this day.  Growing up I "got" my Dad in such a special way, and even now just a simple look from him to me confirms that bond we've had since I was born.

I just never thought I'd get Dads and their Girls inside the context of my own children.

But thanks to my wonderful husband, the true father of my children, I get it.

I totally get this out of this world type of bond between Fathers and their Daughters.

It is magic.

It takes a real man to be true Father to a Daughter.  It's not a responsibility taken lightly.  And MM is up for that task.  He is up for the challenge.  And I would have no other man on this earth take that role which is fundamentally crucial to the successful future of the two mini women we have growing under our roof.

And for that I am eternally thankful.

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